From the time of Buddha Sakyamuni and the early sangha (Buddhist monks and nuns), till this very day, monastics have depended upon the support of the lay community for their four basic necessities: clothes, food, a place to stay, and medicine. In return, they share all they learn through their study & practice. In this way, we support each other to bring the teachings of wisdom and compassion, into our actions.

While monastic life may look somewhat different in this 21st century on the outside, particularly in the western parts of this world, the rules and instructions for monastics have remained the same. To continue this monastic tradition and pass on the dharma for the benefit of everyone, all ways of support are welcome.

Therefore, if conditions allow, please consider donating to the nuns who live in the nunneries under the direction of Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche in Bhutan and Nepal, and sponsor a nun.

Alternatively, please support Nalandabodhi’s Acharyas and Lamas, supporting their essential needs and teaching activities, by making a donation to Nalandabodhi’s Lamas, Acharyas and Monastic Fund.

If you’d like to make a direct donation to me, you can either contact me directly (mail[at] or contact Stijntje Hallink of Nalandabodhi Netherlands (stijntje[at] if you’d like to make a contribution to a fund (tax deductible under Dutch law) they kindly set-up for me and manage to provide for my basic necessities and travel.